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Actors’ Showreels

Nowadays being an actor is not only a freelance job but a personal business. Taking roles in films and especially in big productions needs to be present and active in the film industries. Thanks to social media, every actor needs to show their acting skills and reminding the casting directors of their skills, passion, and presence to be part of film productions. It is not a one-man job, you need to have good contacts, a professional agent and as the most important one, you need to show what you can deliver to a film project as an actor.

Having a showreel for actors and actresses is an essential way to present their skills to casting directors. In the first place, it looks like a put together edit of your last roles in films but there several significant points that make the showreel effective and convincing. In our company we deliver special showreel services to actors to make their dreams happen. From editing your existing materials to creating scenes based on your interests we deliver you the best quality for a SHOWREEL.


12,000 HUF

net price per scene starts

Editing from your existing material, fast and efficient recut for cinematic results.


60,000 HUF

net price per scene starts

Budget friendly script showreels for 1 scene by experienced directors and crew.


100,000 HUF

net price per scene starts

Professional showreel for 1 scene with complete scripting and editing.


200,000 HUF

net price per scene starts

Cinematic showreel for 1 scene that could be a part of a real movie

Marketing Based Idea

We see the ‘big picture’ and can make success sustainable

High Touch Communication

Every project is a journey and we are your fellow traveler

Committed to Quality

We’ll provide the answers you need and put them into effect

The showreel is a true reflection of our dimensions, acting skills and talents as actors. I am a professional actress, have been acting professionaly for almost 10 years. I have played in major films with Oscar-winning directors such as Ron Howard, Uli Edel and Neil Jordan. I have also done commercials, tv series and short-films. Lived and acted in London for 5 years and still travelling back for work.

Thanks to MAGEPICTURES who edited my showreel I was selected to do many castings and mastered commercial roles where the selection was based merely on the showreel. Director Blaz Svent Slovenian director specifically mentioned my great showreel when we met in life after the casting procedure for a Slovenian commercial. Working with Mansour F. and his team is a very pleasant and smooth collaboration with a great atmosphere. Mansour has his own idea about the music and the dynamics and also incorporates your vision and special requests into the final editing. He is very flexible to work with. The great thing about Mansour  is that he is also an award-winning director, casting for his own projects therefore he knows exactly how an actor should be presented in a way that it grabs the attention either of a casting director or a director and holds it on the showreel before pressing the stop button which usually happens after 30 sec in general. 

He will make sure to present as many sides of the actor as possible with the right timing, music, sound effects and paste in the selected footages.…”

Kata Sarbó, actress
✆ +36 70 4646 336

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