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The coronavirus epidemic has overridden previous practices and put hybrid or online events at the forefront, putting new event organizers at the forefront of companies. However, there is nothing to worry about, we will help you find your way around how to organize a successful event online!

Our professional technical background and 8 years of organizing and technical experience guarantee all this. In our Live Stream Studio, TV-quality recordings are made, and the desired graphics and images can be displayed on the large LED background wall. In addition to carefully designed lighting, our team of technicians and cinematographers takes quality video footage and provides ongoing background support during an online live stream.

Quality stream service is now introductory at an unbeatable price!

Stream studio equipments


Holding the traditional year-end or year-opening ceremony has become even more essential this year.

Rewarding your employees and acknowledging their work played an even bigger role in the distance caused by the home office. They deserve to create a festive atmosphere in the online space and bring your team closer together.

Don’t miss this year either, we offer a solution that simultaneously saves and adds a new dimension to this year’s year-end celebration!

Tip! The footage of the show is recorded, so it can be made into a short, fun short film summarizing the best moments, which the participants can receive as a gift.


Why give up on one of the most effective motivating and company building events?

Nothing is more timely than forging your team together in a playful way, and in the meantime you can even get valuable information about their competencies.
We make online connection exciting. Get to know our ideas and take your team building event to a new dimension!

Tip! The footage of the show will be recorded, so it can be made into a short, cheerful short film summarizing the best moments, which the participants can receive, and in the future it can also be used for the company’s short video for promotional purposes.


Our professional Live Stream Studio provides all the conditions for the sound and visual world of your training to contribute to a successful result.

Participants can enjoy higher quality training. On the other hand, who do you want to guide your customers to your home? Choose a place where no one bothers you during your education, and professional video, audio recording and modern presentation tools will help you with your work.

Tip! The sound, image and projection material of the lecture will be recorded separately, so it will be possible to create a remixed professional teaching material supported by sound work and subtitling!


If you now don’t have the opportunity to reach your customers in person, choose a solution that achieves your goal with quality and efficiency: dazzle with a TV show-quality, interactive product presentation!

Our team of professional organizers and technicians is at your disposal, ask for our offer today.

Tip! The trimmed program is recorded, can be re-streamed at any time, and an unlimited advertising time can be gained from a recording.

Professional Equipments

Professional streaming with switched camera images

Continuous technical background support, our operator ensures the proper operation of the equipment for the entire duration of the event

Providing professional audio technology with professional hand-held, head-on, clip-on microphones

Professional studio lighting

Stable internet with double network

Background installation, organizing and creating a background that meets your needs

Helpful Organization

Save time – you don’t have to learn to use a video conferencing program

We will send out invitations

We tailor our online event service to your individual needs. We recommend and organize the necessary technical conditions

Background installation – organizing and creating a background that meets your needs

Speaker, host organization

Graphic design available on request

Extra services

Promotional gift packages are available on request

You can make a short film from the recordings

Uninterrupted environment – certainly no disturbing sound effects or a family member appears in the background

You can avoid the inconvenience of pop-ups in private applications

Additional catering packages are available on request – coffee break, lunch, dinner package
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